Jack Kohler Byers
Interdisciplinary Artist and Illustrator exploring communication through media


DEV_ELOP install at Trustman Gallery

I’m just wrapping up work on the installation of a new mural at Simmons University’s Trustman Gallery. I’m fortunate enough to be inaugurating a newly created rotating mural space in an antechamber to the gallery itself.

I used this project as a chance to put a new method of drawing and scaling to the test. After reading a deep dive on the work of AM Cassandre I began to re conceptualize the use of space in my drawings by employing a grid. Cassandre’s work was almost exclusively dictated by the creation and division of a modular grid. Ironically, the architect Le Corbusier, a strong critic of Cassandre’s work, introduced this idea to modern architecture in his text, Modulor.

In the case of my work, a grid helps establish a rhythmic unity between elements, and actually provides a new element of freedom and experimentation. The extra benefit is how a grid-aligned drawing is ready-made to be scaled up. I approached this project as a test of this scaling up.


I chose the word DEVELOP for this project for its myriad connections to the environment and premise of the installation. The most obvious connection is the gallery’s location in an academic space. The university is tasked with developing student’s minds; students are tasked with developing their worldview, skills, and practice, and educators are tasked with developing curriculum. Beneath that, there is the connection to the gallery itself. The antechamber is a space where those entering should develop an open mind and let their expectations and biases fall away. Those leaving the gallery should take what they have absorbed and let it develop their life in the world outside the four white walls. Finally, the project was a chance for me to develop an existing set of skills to a new arena and scale using a new method.