Jack Kohler Byers
Interdisciplinary Artist and Illustrator exploring communication through media




The latest collaborative effort between myself and good friend David Buckley Borden was recently installed on Harvard University’s main campus in Cambridge.

David was the lead designer on the project along with Dr. Aaron Ellison, a luminary in the field of ecology. The project comes as the most recent iteration of a partnership between the two that kicked off with David’s time as a Charles Bullard Fellow in Forest Research at Harvard.

The piece is a full-scale installation that’s one part Op-art, one part data visualization. The successive equilateral triangles and heat gradient symbolize change, while the data points on either side represent average temperature increase over the last 140 years and atmospheric carbon scenarios as influenced by adherence to the Paris Climate Agreement.

The piece is situated in the Science Plaza, a centrally-located critical thoroughfare on the Harvard campus. Over 10,000 people pass through it each day.

I lent help by painting the heat gradient on the piece. After dozens of hours of taping and masking the 3-meter long timber framed members I painted the gradient by hand using an airless paint sprayer with only red, yellow, and white paint. Upon installation, I added the data points on each side with a brush.

The installation will be on display in the Science Plaza until December 7th.

To learn more about his practice, visit David’s website and stay up to date with his Instagram