Jack Kohler Byers
Interdisciplinary Artist and Illustrator exploring communication through media


The Absurd Hero Is You Opening

On October 5th, 2018 I held the opening reception for my current exhibition at Flowering Rock, Project Space 17c. The show is titled The Absurd Hero.. Is You, a reference to the Albert Camus essay The Myth of Sisyphus. In The Myth.., Camus introduces the concept of The Absurd as being the interaction between humankind’s constant search for meaning and an inherently meaningless world. Camus defines the absurd hero as one who can navigate the absurd meaninglessness of existence by experiencing everything that each successive moment has to offer.

The show was a response to endless scrolling and targeted advertisements guided by Camus’ essay. I set out to create abstracted text compositions that pulled influence from 20th century modernist designers like El Lissitzky and Moholy-Nagy. These compositions worked as “visual speedbumps” by giving the eye and mind a place to rest, free from a specific underlying meaning.

Huge thanks to Natasha Makowski of Flowering Rock/Project Space 17c for providing the venue for the event, guidance, and mentorship. Tall shouts to everyone that came through to support me and my work.