Jack Kohler Byers
Interdisciplinary Artist and Illustrator exploring communication through media


In spring of 2017 I began work as a key collaborator with David Buckley Borden during his Charles Bullard Fellowship in Forest Research through Harvard University. David’s fellowship was initially a yearlong residency that saw him as an embedded artist and designer in the Harvard Forest property in Central Massachusetts. After the fellowship finished, David’s collaboration with the University was extended to allow him to continue his exploration. David’s practice centers around communicating complex ecological issues through art and design. In this case, focusing on the plight of the Eastern Hemlock tree at the hands of an invasive pest.

Through a project named Hemlock Hospice, David and a group of collaborating artists and designers created a trail of installations through a patch of Eastern Hemlocks being studied in Harvard Forest. The objective of the trail was to present forest data, and the greater ecological and environmental implications of the disappearance of the Eastern Hemlock to the general public.