Photograph by  Ella Rinaldo

Photograph by Ella Rinaldo

JACK KOHLER BYERS is an interdisciplinary visual artist exploring contemporary communication through the use of type and image across a wide range of scales and media.

Raised in a small New York town, he became intrigued with the fading letters of fading hand-painted signs during visits to a nearby industrial city. As he grew up, he quickly relocated to the city to chase a fascination with the diverse and visually rich urban landscape.

JKB is currently based in New York City.

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Boston Globe Art of Choice Art Lovers New York

Boston Art Review

Solo Exhibitions

Oct-Nov 2018 The Absurd Hero.. Is You Flowering Rock Project Space 17c Boston, MA

February, 2017 Crossing Lines 23 Bar & Gallery Bangkok, Thailand

September, 2016 Grains of Salt SALTQuarters Gallery Syracuse, NY

Site Specific Installations

January, 2019 DEV_ELOP (mural) Trustman Gallery Boston, MA

November, 2018 Warming Warning (painted timber installation) Harvard University Science Plaza in collaboration w/ David Buckley Borden, Cambridge, MA

August, 2017 Elemental (mural) Private Residence Boston, MA

April, 2017 Support Your Local Bodega (mural) Bodega Store Boston, MA

May, 2016 Go To The Light (mural) Blanc Gallery Boston, MA

September, 2016 Always in Flux (mural) SALTQuarters Gallery Syracuse, NY

February, 2016 Solitude / Solace (mural and paper installation) Gallery 301 Montserrat College, Beverly, MA

Group Exhibitions


November 2019 Dear So and So Distillery Gallery Boston, MA


February 2019 Me and My Friends Make Art Washington Street Gallery Somerville, MA

October 2018 Triple Decker Ecology Somerville Museum Somerville, MA

June-July 2018 Art Fair Porch Gallery, Minneapolis, MN

Oct 2017-Nov 2018 Hemlock Hospice Harvard Forest Fisher Museum Petersham, MA

August 2017 Dystopia Filter IV 470 Vanderbilt New York, NY

Nov 2016-Jan 2017 A Group Thing Thomas Young Gallery Boston, MA

October-November, 2015 Trifecta Year Two Gallery 301 Beverly, MA

June 2015 Hibernaculum Innovation and Design Center, Boston, MA